Be Your Best in 2019!

Here at The Dental Care Centre, we are giving our full support to the Healthy Living Dentistry initiative. Aimed at improving patients’ total wellbeing in addition to their oral healthcare, we look forward to promoting healthier lifestyle options that everyone can join in with.

Our focus this month is Dry January because taking the challenge of no alcohol for the entire month is one resolution that may actually make you healthier. Studies have shown a number of positive benefits such as:

  • a positive sense of achievement
  • a better night’s sleep
  • higher levels of energy
  • weight loss
  • saving money – to spend on shopping or pampering treats as a reward to yourself!

Source: University of Sussex: Report based on 2015 cohort of Dry January participants

If you want to know more, or have any questions, just ask any member of our dental team who will be able to help. Good Luck!