Mouth Cancer Screening

Early detection is the key to reducing the devastating impact of mouth cancer upon patients and their families. Our team of dental healthcare professionals strongly recommend regular attendance so that regular routine screening becomes our shared concern.

Fresh Breath Therapies

Bad breath, or halitosis, is very common. This is caused by bacteria in the mouth which hide in areas easily missed when cleaning teeth. Most dietary causes can be masked by mouthwashes or by chewing dental gum. Smoking is another culprit. The first thing you can do is brush and floss correctly to remove the bacteria. Professional cleaning by our hygienist or our dentists, including Prophyjet therapy, ( a sort of jet wash for your teeth) can make a dramatic difference in improving your fresh breath confidence.

Gum Disease

Periodontal disease is a gradual infection of the gums and, eventually, of the underlying bones of the mouth. It is caused by the build up of plaque on and around the teeth that eventually calcifies into tartar. This tartar releases bacteria, which contains toxins and a sulphur compound that slowly decay the teeth and gums. In the first stage of gum disease (known as gingivitis), the bacteria begin to weaken the fibres that hold the gums to the teeth. Gingivitis is characterized by a swelling, inflammation and bleeding of the gums. In the advanced stage of gum disease (referred to as periodontitis), the gum tissues have decayed significantly and pulled away from the teeth. The bones below the teeth have usually become infected and begun to dissolve.


The ravages of gum disease are best prevented by early detection and proper dental hygiene. Brushing your teeth twice a day helps to remove the thin layer of bacteria that release the dangerous toxins into your mouth. Flossing, or other inter-dental cleaning, is also important to keep your mouth free from residual food and bacteria. Finally, maintaining a balanced diet and taking regular trips to the dentist and hygienist help stem the advance of gum disease and keeps you healthy and smiling.