For people in their 30’s and beyond, the threat of gum disease (periodontal disease), is a very real and potentially dangerous condition. By the age of 40, over 70% of the nation’s population has some stage of the disease. Although genetics may play a small role in its development, dentists agree that gum disease is directly related to how well a person cares for their teeth and gums.

Gum disease is particulary dangerous because the progression of the disease is often painless and undetected until it creates serious problems. Regular routine check ups and visits to the hygienist ( we offer patients a 30 minute appointment with the hygienist) help us to work with you in reducing the impact of gum disease by allowing us to monitor and treat any early signs of gum disease.

Extensive cleaning of each quadrant of your mouth provides an effective kick start to your new cleaning and hygiene regime. Or try a Prophyjet clean, where tiny high speed particles effectively sandblast each of your teeth to leave you with an incredibly clean sensation and the confidence to continue your own effective cleaning regime at home.

Recommended oral hygiene products endorsed by our team of dental professionals are available for you to purchase at the practice.